Frequently asked questions:

Any artist, author, photographer, curator, scholar, or researcher may apply to the First Book Award regardless of practice, geography, or nationality, as long as you remain a previously published author, are over the age of 18, and are not currently enrolled in full-time education. 

An archival monograph is a book centered largely around archival photography, but which contains additional elements such as explanatory texts and essays, contemporary artworks, illustrations, and photographs.

The AE First Book Award winner will be announced on April 1st, 2022. All
candidates will be notified regarding their applications during March 2022.

You are welcome to apply either as two or more collaborators, or as an artistic collective. Within your application, please clearly indicate whether your submission is a collaboration.

There are no application fees whatsoever for entering Atelier Éditions’ 2021 First Book Award.

Artists and researchers whose language remains underrepresented within contemporary book publishing are encouraged to apply. However, any texts contained within your submission must be either in English or French, or accompanied by an English or French translation.

Our editorial department is fascinated by unexplored, idiosyncratic narratives drawn from the fields of architecture and design, modern history and anthropology, material and visual culture, and archival photography. Please review our publications to learn more about our several areas of interest.

You may submit a proposal that encompasses your own photographs or artworks; however, the central contents of any submission should be photographic archives rather than contemporary images.

We encourage applicants to contact the necessary archives and contributors proposed within any submission and inform Atelier Éditions of any potential collaborators who have already expressed interest. However, this is not a requirement for any application. 

Yes, however we require that all applicants’ submissions are not previously published as a complete monograph and are not committed to another publishing house. 

Atelier Éditions financially supports the production of the successful book submission from ideation to production and distribution, offering authors industry standard advances and royalties to support such endeavors.

Yes, you may submit multiple submissions, however we request that each submission be entered individually. 

Please contact Atelier Éditions with any additional questions at:
books 'at'