Atelier Éditions’ welcomes submissions which illustrate a fasciation with
idiosyncratic narratives drawn from the fields of architecture and design, modern archaeology 7and anthropology, material and visual culture, cultural hybridisation, tangential phenomena, and post-colonialism, unexamined chronology and unorthodox photography. Memorable submissions envisioning such eclectic narratives as contemporary visual ethnographies supplemented with engaging archival imagery are certain to assure Atelier Éditions’ interest.

Submissions for Atelier Éditions’ First Book Award commence in XXX, 2020, with finalists’ submissions announced in XXX, 2021. The First Book Award winner will
be announced in XXX, 2021, with publication scheduled for XXX, 2021.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted only from unpublished individuals; previous book publication regretfully disqualifies entry into Atelier Éditions’ First Book Award. All submissions themselves must remain both unpublished and uncommitted to any other publishing house.

Submissions must consist of a publication synopsis, samples from pre-existing works, between 10-20 select archival, contemporary photography, or alternate visualities to accompany the imagined publication, and an author or collaborators profile.

Any text whichc is contained within the submission must be accompanied with either an English or French translation; Atelier Éditions remains an enthusiastically bilingual publishing house.

Submissions must be received digitally, in PDF format, with a recommended length of between 15-20 pages on DATE OF SUBMISSION.

Unfortunately Atelier Éditions cannot receive either final print-ready PDF book files or physical book submissions. The First Book Award is seeking submissions which catalyse further ideation and collaboration with the atelier, not completed book production. All dialogues are welcomed.

Atelier Éditions thanks you for your submission to The First Book Award 2021.

Submission Instructions

Please complete all required fields within Atelier Éditions’ Submission Form, then attach all accompanying visualities and supporting documentation before confirming your submission. When submitting multiple publication submissions, please complete separate Submission Forms for each.

Submissions Open: 1.11.2021

Submissions Close: 1.1.2022

Jury Review: February to March 2022

First Book Award Winner Announced: 31.3.2022 or 14.4.2022 

First Book Award Winner Mentorship: June 2022 to June 2023 

First Book Award Publication: Spring/Autumn 2023