Atelier Éditions welcomes book and research project submissions from individuals and multiple collaborators. Memorable, idiosyncratic visual narratives with archival emphases, drawn from the fields of architecture and design, contemporary anthropology, material and visual culture, cultural hybridization, inexplicable phenomena, and vernacular photography, are certain to assure Atelier Éditions’ interest.

Atelier Éditions remains an enthusiastically bilingual publishing house, welcoming submissions either in English or French. Our editors collaborate closely with artists, researchers, and authors to realize all publishing projects. We do not accept completed book submissions. Atelier Éditions frequently receives numerous submissions. Therefore, unfortunately, we can only respond to those submissions which deeply align with our publishing mandate. 

Please send all book and research project submissions to

The Illustrated America

Atelier Éditions is presently accepting submissions for The Illustrated America; our ongoing anthropological survey of eclectic chapters drawn from 20th century
America’s cultural past.

AÉ First Book Award

Atelier Éditions' First Book Award is an opportunity for unpublished authors, architecture, design, and cultural historians, non-traditional academics, archivists, anthropologists, ethnographers, curators, photographers, designers, and researchers, to publish an illustrated archival monograph.