Book Submissions

Atelier Éditions publishes limited-edition archival monographs, contemporary art books, and catalogue raisonnés; exploring idiosyncratic subjects drawn from the fields of architecture, anthropology, modern art, material culture, and photography. Authoring contemporary visual ethnographies, regularly supplemented with archival imagery, our publications examine eclectic cultural phenomena, tangential narratives, and unorthodox histories. Our editors work closely with artists, researchers and writers to realise their projects, therefore we do not except finished book PDF submissions.

We welcome research project and book proposals, which may be sent to:

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, unfortunately, we can only respond to those which deeply align with our publishing and research mandate. Please accept our apologies for this.

The Illustrated America

Atelier Éditions is presently accepting submissions for the Illustrated America; our ongoing anthropological survey of eclectic chapters drawn from 20th century America’s cultural past.

Existing volumes of the Illustrated America:

Vol. 1 : Old Glory (2016) excavates a long-forgotten, yet memorable chapter from America’s vexillographic history; encompassing fifty unseen reproductions of alternate United States flag designs submitted by patriotic citizens to President Dwight D. Eisenhower for consideration as the nation’s new fifty-star flag.

Vol. 2 : Sun Seekers - The Cure of California (2019), authored by Lyra Kilston, examines several fascinating scenes from the Golden State’s vast mythology; modernist architecture, natural medicine, anti-civilisational stances with returns to nature, vegetarianism, eugenics, nudism, and heliotherapy.

Vol. 3 : Spaghetti Western (forthcoming) explores two parallel, unexpected cultural phenomena; that of enduring Eastern European, Austrian and German fascination with, and reenactment of, Native American culture. And that of lasting Italian enchantment by, and reenactment of, American Western culture. 

Cultural Programming

The atelier regularly designs and curates exhibitions, as well as envisages cultural programming. We welcome proposals for talks, panel discussions, workshops, and book signings. Please contact us to schedule events with our authors.